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Sophia Armitage – Psych

Sophia Armitage – Psych

I am a Registered Psychologist who is experienced in working with adolescents, young adults, and adults with a range of complex mental health presentations. I also have experience working with a range of desired outcomes, from alleviating distress to enhancing wellbeing. I have a particular interest in guiding clients through subconscious barriers to reaching their goals, both personally and professionally.

My Clinical Process:
I work with a evidence-based solution-focused mindset by exploring psychological pressure points and developing insight. I have found past and present emotional experiences to be a significant resource to draw from to improve outcomes and quality of life, which often seem to be overlooked in a cognitively driven world. Through applying this lens to my own personal development, I am familiar with the struggle of bringing forward that which may be painful; however, I am also familiar with the strength gained from developing the ability to recognise and understand all parts of myself.

I feel it is important to ensure a collaborative process in developing a treatment plan, and to consider factors such as goals, approach, pace, and timeline. I am passionate about improving the lives of my clients and those around me, and feel this passion married with my knowledge and skill is paramount to the work that I do.

I Believe in:
– ‘living in the question’, rather than jumping to invent answers which may work against us.
– compassionate understanding of ourselves to be essential to the foundation for change.
– seeking help to be a courageous act.


My Professional Background
– Qualifications and Memberships
– Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)
– Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours I)
– Australian Psychological Society (APS)

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