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Mariela Astorga – Psych

Mariela Astorga – Psych

In addition to providing treatment for a range of presentations (anxiety disorders, body image concerns, adjustment difficulties, performance blockages and relationship problems), I have a particular interest in health psychology, a domain of practice that pertains to the interplay between physical and mental problems.

Staying abreast of advancements in psychological treatments coupled with the satisfaction derived from supporting clients toward achieving important life goals serves to maintain my high level of engagement and passion for the practice of psychology.

My approach to working with clients has been strongly influenced by my training in psychodynamic treatment approaches that are sensitive to the influence that unconscious processes have on our mental health, performance and wellbeing. A comprehensive psychodynamic treatment takes into account multiple domains of experience and functioning: that which occurs within one’s mind and also what happens between individuals, families, teams, and systems.

After years of working in clinical psychology, I worked in the corporate sector as CEO and Creative Director for an IT business coaching multidisciplinary teams and developing strategies to build the performance capability of the organization. This working experience has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the intrinsic relationship that exists between performance and self-knowledge, psychological growth and assertive decision-making.

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