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Dr Erin Wolfe Clin. Psych

Dr Erin Wolfe Clin. Psych

As a clinical psychologist, I support people to manage and overcome challenges in their life that are affecting their ability to live a full and meaningful life. This includes mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression and other mood concerns, stress, grief and loss, and relationship concerns. I also provide support to those looking to adjust to life changes or improve their overall wellbeing and mental health. I aim to create a compassionate, open and positive environment where clients can feel supported, valued, and empowered.

I have experience working across both public (hospital and community) and private settings with children, youth, adults and families. This has spanned work with improving mental wellness, treating severe and complex mental illness, and working with both children, young people and adults with serious and chronic physical illness and co-existing physical and mental health challenges. I also have specific training and experience in pre and post-natal mood and adjustment, fertility and pregnancy loss and perinatal and infant mental health.

My Sessions are focused on you

I will always respect you as the expert in your own life, and aim to create a therapy space where you feel able to identify and express your thoughts, emotions and experiences. During our sessions we will work collaboratively to set goals and work towards them together in a style that is best suited to you and your needs. I aim to create a compassionate, open and positive environment where clients can feel supported, valued, and empowered.

A little about me

I came to psychology due to a deep curiosity for the world around me, and particularly the people in my world. I am a scientist at heart and from the start I was drawn to the evidence based nature of the study of psychology and approach to supporting those with mental health challenges. However, the longer I have worked in the field, the more I have leaned into the more interpersonal aspects of the therapy process and I would have to say this is the aspect that I now enjoy far more. In my years working in the field I have grown a deep appreciation for those I work with and what it means to support someone in their hardest times. It is a privilege to walk beside those who are struggling and witness them move towards the lives that they desire, celebrating the small or large wins with them along the way.

Outside of my work I like to make the most of my time by spending it with loved ones, exploring, eating good food and learning new things. I am quite active and like to participate in sports and activities that challenge me and help me grow. I find physical challenges to be a great space to grow strength, resilience and confidence as well as have fun. I love the outdoors and am happiest when active or in the sunshine so I like to spend time whenever I can in the park, at the beach or in the mountains.

I embrace the following philosophies

  • We all face great challenges in our lives
  • Our emotions and reactions are always understandable if we take the time to understand them
  • Everyone deserves compassion and empathy, especially from themselves
  • Growth and change is possible, and worth the great effort it can involve
  • Wellness includes our whole self: mind, body and the environment that we exist within
  • Connection with our values helps us to create a full and meaningful life

Qualifications and Registration/Memberships

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
  • AHPRA Registered – Area of Endorsement: Clinical Psychology
  • STAP Accredited Supervisor

Preferred Therapeutic Frameworks and Additional Training

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Compassion Focused Therapy

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