Schema Therapy Brisbane

Reworking the harm done from when we were young with Schema Therapy

When we are children, we can develop many different negative thought patterns and mental disorders that can make life exceptionally challenging as an adult.

Schema Therapy is a treatment offered by Positive Psychology in Brisbane that helps rework those negative patterns and help our patients become free of these learned behaviours and able to live happy, fulfilling lives.

What is Schema Therapy?

It was originally developed by Dr Jeff Young as a way to treat people who have multiple personality disorders as well as anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorders and more. Its full name is Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy and it uses elements of behavioural, experiential, interpersonal and psychoanalytic therapies together to achieve remarkable results.

It focuses on first assessing and identifying long-running patterns of negative thinking and then using this unified approach to rework the mind of the patient so they can think positively and overcome obstacles their thought processes previously presented.

A schema is usually developed during childhood and adolescence, but these can also be formed during our adult years and can be very hard to overcome without intervention. That is specifically what this treatment is now used for and it can assist with a range of issues including:

Feelings of abandonment: That can come from past instances, including a parent leaving as a child but can also extend to adult relationships and friendships that have failed.

Mistrust that has come from patterns of abuse: Those that have been abused in the past may develop a running distrust of others and fear of that abuse being repeated.

Social isolation: Feeling different from the rest of the community or even the rest of the world and separating entirely from human-to-human interaction.

Failure: An overarching feeling that failure is inevitable.

Vulnerability: This is often coupled with anxiety and involves feelings of impending doom, catastrophe or medical emergencies being just around the corner.

Entitlement: Not all childhood schemas are developed from abuse or overtly negative situations. Adults can often develop chronic entitlement and feelings of grandeur because of the way they were treated when they were young.

Approval seeking: Constantly feeling the need to seek approval from peers.

Emotional inhibitions: Not wanting to take risks or be spontaneous for fear of a negative reaction from other people.

These are just some of the forms Positive Psychology can treat with Schema Therapy at our Brisbane clinic. We are here to help and support you through this journey.