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Our Work Culture

We practice what we preach and we are committed to helping people develop and nurture their strengths. We want to feel like as a team we are committed to that ourselves.

“Finding a job that is a good fit is as much about you selecting the right opportunity as it is about them selecting the right candidate”

Miles Anthony Smith

Joining 4life Psychology might be the right decision for you if :
  • Are you choosy about where you work?
  • You value working with experienced professionals who are passionate about their vocation?
  • You have high standards for yourself professionally and for the team that supports your work?
  • The physical environment that you work in matters to you?
  • Are you interested in working with young professional clients that are positioned to respond well to psychological intervention?
  • You value flexible hours and the opportunity to choose between a contractor or employee role to suit your personal needs?

If this sounds like you then 4life Psychology may be a good fit for you!

Located in the heart Brisbane in Teneriffe, we are a private practice centred around providing the practical, evidence-based, and results focussed treatment. 

We are committed to enabling psychologists in our group, to work with their preferred client group/s because with a foundation in Positive Psychology we understand that working to your strengths will provide the best outcomes for both the client and the clinician.

Our Focus & Values:

We aim to remain a bespoke provider of clinical and coaching psychology services to our private and corporate clients. We are interested in deepening our expertise and capability. We believe in ‘depth over breadth’ with respect to both scope of competency and professional practice. We value connected relationships with the people we work with and understand that this is best achieved by containing the size of our group.

  • Our strength-based approach is derived from positive psychology which asserts that people (both clients and colleagues) are more likely to flourish and reach their potential if they align their development with their innate strengths and intrinsic motivations.
  • We believe in continuous improvement and invest in professional development.
  • We pay attention to outcomes – clinically, professionally, financially.
  • We value a positive attitude and bring our ‘best selves to work’.

We are not trying to be all things to all people.

We understand that what we offer is reflective of our values and biases. It is all about sourcing people for whom there is a mutual capacity to meet expectations.

We must be doing something right!

Our average length of tenure for those who join our team is 5-7yrs. We have a few people who have been with us for more than 10yrs.

Available positions:

We cater for both full-time and part-time arrangements, with a choice of either a contractor or an employee option. We are currently positioned to take on either an early career or more senior psychologist. The primary focus for us will be the ‘goodness of fit’ with respect to our culture and values.

What 4life Psychology can offer you:

  • Remuneration: We offer both employee and contractor roles with attractive rates.
    • Employee Position: Competitive salary with all associated entitlements and benefits – superannuation, annual leave, personal leave, carers leave, annual budget for PD, and monthly individual and group supervision.
    • Contractor Position:Full-time equivalent income ranging $140k to $170K depending on level of medicare rebate and qualifications.
  • Flexible work hours: Full-time and part-time positions available. We understand that in today’s busy world job flexibility is important and we encourage our staff to choose their preferred work hours.
  • Experienced team: 4Life Psychology has an experienced team of psychologists and administrative staff working together to achieve the highest quality of care for clients. We also enjoy regular group supervision, and social contact organised by the practice. Yes, we are looking for more than a transactional relationship!
  • Modern consulting rooms: Our interior designers have gone to immense detail to create warm, comfortable, and inviting spaces for staff and clients to enjoy. We are very proud of the comforting environment we have been able to create.
  • Professional development: 4life Psychology provides and supports opportunities for professional development to ensure all employees are keeping up to date with the latest research and best practice approaches.
  • Supervision: Individual and group supervision can be provided on a regular basis. We value the diversity of expertise that is held by members of our team and take every opportunity we can for ‘cross pollination’. It is often said (not sure who the quote belongs to!) that you are the average of the five people you are closest too. We believe that our collegial association advances rather than detracts from us as individuals.
  • Full administrative support: 4life Psychology has reception staff and a practice manager who support the team of psychologists with booking and rescheduling appointments, taking payments, preparing client files, and much more. We are proud to also be leaders in using automated systems and technology to make every client interaction with us smooth and seamless.

Selection Criteria:

We are looking for psychologists who:

  • Have a passion for the work they do and value ongoing professional development.
  • Have a professional attitude and can establish credibility quickly with high-functioning clients.
  • Hold the requisite qualifications for clinical or generalist registration in the field of psychology.
  • Want more than a transactional relationship with their workplace, and are motivated to contribute to a clinical team.
  • Are able to communicate clearly and assertively.
  • Have some particular interest areas within the field of clinical psychology that may be specific to a modality (e.g. schema therapy), or a particular clinical domain (e.g. couples, personality disorders, trauma).
  • Want to be part of a warm and encouraging team