Anxiety Therapy Brisbane

Anxiety treatment for Brisbane residents

Anxiety is a normal human feeling. In fact, it is part of our body’s inner mechanisms that help keep us protected from harm.

We all feel worried, afraid or anxious at different points in our lives and that is perfectly natural. But for some, anxiety is a different thing altogether.

This kind of emotion is the part of us that protects us from bad things. But anxiety disorders are when these feelings begin to take over our lives and we experience fear, worry or panic about normal day-to-day activities as simple as speaking to new people or even leaving the house.

It can include a range of different feelings and it is often different from person to person. But it usually involves a combination of an elevated heart rate (which can reach levels that feel like pounding), sweats, shakes, flushes, feeling weak or tired, tension, feeling on edge, short breaths, excess worrying or fear, stomach pains, loss of appetite, inability to sleep and feelings of impending doom.

Disorders like this can be caused by a range of different things as well, including family history, significant life events or traumas, poor physical health and other mental health factors.

Should you get anxiety therapy?

There are many different kinds of this disorder as well. For some, it is tied to social interactions and experiences and can make life challenging when it comes to studying, work and socialising. Agoraphobia is a form of anxiety disorder where panic sets in when the person feels they are in a position they cannot escape from. Panic disorders involve extreme anxiety attacks and then a constant fear of those panic attacks returning.

And in some instances, there can be combinations of those disorders and a constant worry that never relents which can make it hard to do even simple day-to-day activities.

Positive Psychology in Brisbane  is here to help. We can help work through the events that preceded the anxiety and work with you on strategies to help reclaim your life. Our experienced therapists will develop ways to work with you to help ease your anxiety and build you up towards a full recovery. Through anxiety therapy and treatment, it is possible to recover from anxiety disorders and help make the world a less scary place for you.