Sarah Henschel

Natural and Nutritional medicine has always been my passion. Helping, healing and educating patients comes naturally to me. Helping, healing and educating patients comes naturally to me.

I believe it is of great importance to provide clients with tools to understand what the root cause of their illness is and how they can take steps to achieve the best possible health outcome with minimal intervention by bridging the gap between Orthodox medicine and natural treatment solutions.

The body’s biochemical orchestra has always fascinated me and I deeply care in assisting patients in piecing information together to get an accurate health picture.  It is very important to me, that clients feel that they have a trustworthy and compassionate health care provider in me.  Confidentiality, appreciation and regard for my patients are a priority for me.

My training involved studies in Switzerland (Paracelsus clinic, Switzerland) and Australia. I have attended several medicine congresses in Germany focused on the treatment of bacterial and viral infection and immune rehabilitation.

My approach to patient rehabilitation entails functional pathology testing which aids a better client and practitioner involvement and understanding of the underlying cause of the health condition.

In my 7 years of private clinical practice I have treated hundreds of patients for metabolic and hormonal imbalances using natural medicine to achieve optimal health. I specifically focus on treating women pre- and post-conception as well as through and after Menopause in my clinic.