Dr. Ourania Antokas

Ourania has vast experience working with children, adolescents, teenagers and adults across a broad range of clinical presentations, in both public and private settings. She has completed a Bachelor of Psychology (with Honours) and Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Ourania is also currently completing the Clinical Registrar Program.
Her special interests are related to how our primary relationships shape our emotional and behavioural patterns, how unhelpful patterns are often repeated throughout our lives, the impacts of trauma, and challenges arising in childhood.
She has experience in helping children and their families through issues such as separation anxiety, toileting issues, general anxiety, grief, depression, social issues, sleep issues, bullying and behavioural issues in the private practice setting. She has also worked in a service dedicated to helping children aged 0-5 with emotional and behavioural issues, and a service working with children in out of home placements experiencing severe trauma.
Ourania has extensive experience working with adults. Her experience extends to community mental health, acute presentations to emergency services, a private inpatient mental health facility, and private practice. She has experience in working with adults experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, childhood and adult exposure to trauma, interpersonal issues, parenting stress, workplace stress, personality disorders and substance misuse.