A Positive Approach to Personal & Professional Development

Professional Psychology Workshops

Our Professional Development Workshops are provided by individuals who are subject matter experts in their respective field.  The workshops are targeted at professionals working in mental health services and other associated disciplines in addition to various areas of practice with an emphasis on mental health.  If specialist health practitioner registration is required for attendance this will be outlined clearly on the registration form.


This two day workshop is open to mental health professionals who already have a basic level of understanding about anxiety disorder diagnosis and general treatment principles and what to advance their capability to effectively tailor and deliver specific CBT treatment strategies.Whilst exposure and relaxation training are universal components of many CBT based treatment protocols, the effectiveness of these strategies is in part determined by the clinicians capacity to tailor the intervention to the developmental stage of the client.


Group Therapy Programs

Our group therapy programs provide a warm and supportive environment to share and learn from others in a similar situation. By sharing experiences, relating to others in a similar situation, and sharing strategies for success, participants can feel more supported and less isolated. Each small group will be led by one of our highly qualified psychologists, with particular experience and aptitude in facilitating helpful and positive group discussions.

Group therapy offers an economical and highly effective method of treatment for a range of recovery and development needs. If you are looking for an affordable way to approach your challenges, or maintain results of individual treatment, our groups may be ideal for you. We offer group counselling at our Brisbane premises several times per week, with different workshops focusing on different issues.
Medicare Rebates for eligible participants are available for all our workshops. For more information regarding eligibility, please select the workshop that interests you.


Does your child or teenager suffer from extreme anxiety? Around 8-10% of children and adolescents are affected by severe anxiety, which can cause significant problems in emotional, social, and educational functioning. Children and teens with anxiety may worry about meeting new people or being away from home; they may fear specific situations or just seem to worry all the time. The BRAVE Program for Children and Teenagers is offered over 8 group sessions. Parents will also partake in some sessions.
The BRAVE group therapy program is offered for both children between the age of 8-12, and teenagers between the age of 13-17.


Learning to ‘actively relax’ is a valuable skill that can help you to better manage stress and improve your performance and wellbeing. This two week introductory program will introduce you to powerful relaxation skills. Despite the ‘buzz’ about mindfulness and meditation, these practices can seem foreign and inaccessible to the average person. This two week program will clearly explain how meditative practices work to manage anxiety and stress and give you the experience of applying the skill in a supportive and comfortable environment. Active relaxation processes can be applied for managing panic and general anxiety.


This evidence-based group therapy program provides participants with an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills proven to aid with both recovery and relapse prevention. The group context encourages a supportive environment in which participants can extend their learning through engaging with other group members. Group therapy can also provide a helpful adjunct to individual therapy.