Business Psychology


Our Coaching is focused on the attainment of realistic yet stretching goals that are grounded in professional and personal need. Our expertise in the field of facilitating behavioural change is drawn from the fields of both clinical and business psychology, giving us experience and expertise in modifying and enhancing a wide range of human behaviours. As psychologists we have the advantage of being able to strategically use a broad range of psychometric tools (eg. Hogan Development Survey) to enhance the feedback and coaching provided to our clients. Our coaching process comprises of three broad phases:

i. Vocational & Career Development

There is growing recognition that career development skills can help individuals to meet the changing needs of the labour market and thus maintain their employability.

Most people need support to help them take advantage of opportunities that present throughout their career. Consultants on our team that specialise in business psychology have both the expertise and tools to provide assistance to individuals looking to change direction. We can also provide career coaching to assist individuals in realising their full potential within a chosen career path.

ii. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

The implementation of an Employee Assistance Service (EAS) will enable management to provide employees with confidential psychological support and intervention when required. The benefits of an EAS program are numerous and include reduced staff turnover and greater productivity. Our EAP service offers confidential assessment and counselling service in off-site, confidential surrounds on a sessional basis. We are also available for on-site consultation when required.

iii. Goodness of Fit

We are a Brisbane based business that does not have any satellite arrangements with providers in other states. We therefore cannot provide national coverage. The EAP services we offer are ideally suited to small to medium sized Brisbane based businesses that are looking for an outstanding level of service without the expense of having to sign up for a ‘capped program’. Our psychologists have specialist training in psychology that is well in advance of the industry standard with expertise across a broad range of area’s including: critical incident debriefing, relationship issues, conflict resolution, executive coaching, and mental health issues.

We can offer your employees extended care arrangements at little to no additional cost by transitioning the service from the employer to Medicare or a Private Health insurance provider when the clients needs extend the number of sessions provided by the employer.

How Does the Program Operate?

4life Psychology Consultants offers a high level of professional service that meets the needs of both the individual engaging the service and the client organisation. We operate on a fee for service basis that does not require any establishment fee, retainer or program delivery fee. We also provide management with update reports that can inform corporate health strategies.

EAP clients have a choice of two Brisbane locations (New Farm and Indooroopilly). Response to a call will be immediate and depending on needs, the initial interview could be arranged with several days notice. In the case of an accident, critical incident or emergency, and depending on location, the initial response to a call for service would be made within 12 to 24 hours.