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Functional Health and Positive Psychology

Some things just go really well together – steak and salad, milk and cookies, music and dance, etc. We believe that there is also a synergistic relationship between Functional Medicine and Positive Psychology as both approaches to wellness focus on more that symptom reduction.  Support for the interplay between mind and body is now emerging …Read More →

10 Reasons to Engage 4 Life Psychology

Full registration with the Psychologist’s Registration Board of Queensland Senior Clinical Psychologists with doctoral level qualifications in Psychology At least eight years experience in the field Members of the Australian Psychological Society Practitioner expertise in clinical counselling

Assumptions About Effective Living

Almost all things have the capacity to be both helpful and unhelpful depending on their intensity, context and timing – Connecting with feelings can be helpful when touching a loved one, but unhelpful at tax time when focussing on how you feel would distract you from getting an important job done. Thinking about the future …Read More →