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Dr Wade Jacklin

Wade has been a registered psychologist for the past 18 years and has worked in both clinical and organisational psychology contexts. His primary area’s of expertise lie in clinical psychology, executive coaching, conflict management, professional supervision, and the delivery of training programs to enhance performance and well-being. Wade’s primary objective in therapy is to understand and …Read More →

Shannon Stokes

Shannon has practiced as a certified Naturopath and Nutritionist since 2006. She has since worked within technical support roles as a clinical Naturopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner. With a special interest in male and female hormonal health, pre-conception, post natal care and childhood nutrition. Specialisations: Hormonal and thyroid health Gut health Immune related conditions Dietary …Read More →

Functional Health and Positive Psychology

Some things just go really well together – steak and salad, milk and cookies, music and dance, etc. We believe that there is also a synergistic relationship between Functional Medicine and Positive Psychology as both approaches to wellness focus on more that symptom reduction.  Support for the interplay between mind and body is now emerging …Read More →

Dr. Ourania Antokas

Ourania has vast experience working with children, adolescents, teenagers and adults across a broad range of clinical presentations, in both public and private settings. She has completed a Bachelor of Psychology (with Honours) and Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Ourania is also currently completing the Clinical Registrar Program. Her special interests are related to how our …Read More →

Sarah Henschel

Natural and Nutritional medicine has always been my passion. Helping, healing and educating patients comes naturally to me. Helping, healing and educating patients comes naturally to me. I believe it is of great importance to provide clients with tools to understand what the root cause of their illness is and how they can take steps to achieve …Read More →

Assumptions About Effective Living

Almost all things have the capacity to be both helpful and unhelpful depending on their intensity, context and timing – Connecting with feelings can be helpful when touching a loved one, but unhelpful at tax time when focussing on how you feel would distract you from getting an important job done. Thinking about the future …Read More →